After multiple discussions with our customers, we know that now more than ever, Model Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives are being adopted and implemented into companies’ processes.

linkaccess mbe 3d pdf with a part in view and semantic highlighting

As companies are adopting Digital Thread strategies with MPMLink, digital work instructions, service information manager (SIM), and technical publishing, they are also continuing their MBE journey. An important piece that is often missing is a way to communicate all the robust, design and product manufacturing information (PMI); and rich 3D PDFs produced by Fishbowl’s LinkAccess MBE software is the answer. The 3D PDFs produced by LinkAccess MBE improve employee and supplier productivity by reducing questions and providing additional clarity for that critical engineering information.

As a Windchill and Creo expert, we’ve created a product with LinkAccess MBE that is specifically designed to work with the PTC platform. By creating 3D PDFs that can be opened in standard Adobe Acrobat Reader, we’ve created a better end-user experience. So whether your downstream employees or other supplier partners utilize Creo View or not, they’ll have access to all the specifics of the engineering data without complicated software interfaces. LinkAccess MBE gives businesses the confidence that no matter who they need to send engineering data to, the recipient will be able to open, view, rotate, and access parts lists, GD&T, specifications, semantic highlighting and other PMI, with ease, creating an overall positive experience and creating better working relationships.

We also built the software to integrate into existing change processes without interrupting established workflows. A placeholder drawing is created during publishing based on the presence of an attribute on the MBE model, which then allows it to be treated like a standard 2D drawing within your change process. This streamlines the introduction of MBE and 3D PDF’s into your organization while minimizing any disruption to existing systems.

If you’re ready to adopt 3D PDF, have questions you need answered before diving in, or are interested in what steps you should take next in your digital thread journey, contact our team to schedule an in-depth conversation. Learn the basics about LinkAccess MBE and contact Rick Passolt with your questions at