When it comes to enterprise content management, one inevitable challenge administrators face is migrating content. At some point, content will need to be moved from one location to another. As new systems are brought up and other systems are decommissioned, content will need to find a new home.

We have previously discussed how Fishbowl’s Migration Tool has been incredibly successful as a replacement for the out-of-the-box archiver admin applet when it comes to migrating content from one WebCenter Content instance to another. The migration tool’s ability to quickly move content, track migration status, view progress, and manage errors can save administrators weeks’ worth of effort and frustration.

What about situations where content may need to be migrated between WebCenter Content and other applications? One Fishbowl customer recently needed to move their digital assets to a new OrangeLogic Cortex application. To meet this requirement, a new version of the migration tool was developed by our team with the capability of pushing assets from WebCenter Content to various types of destination environments.

To provide the ability to migrate content to a specific application, the new version of the migration tool was designed to utilize “Destination Adapters.” Destination Adapters handle the API communication with the destination application and can be made available to the migration tool by installing a custom plugin component alongside the migration tool component. Once installed, plugin components allow new applications to be configured as migration destination environments within the migration tool user interface.

By utilizing destination adapters, the migration tool can be quickly extended to migrate content to new applications as well as filesystem locations. A filesystem adapter was also created by Fishbowl, allowing a network location to be configurated as the destination instead of an application. Customers frequently have the need to simply export content to the filesystem in a specific folder structure so that they can be imported into other applications using their ingestion tools. By developing a custom filesystem adapter, content and metadata can easily be exported to the desired location in the desired format.

Once the adapter was installed, our customer was able to create a new Cortex destination within the migration tool dashboard.


new destination form for webcenter migration tool

They were then able to configure metadata mappings between the environments and create migration batches within the migration tool’s user interface.

In a matter of days, the new plugin was capable of transferring content as fast as Cortex could process the new content. The transfer reached speeds of over 100 GB/hour, moving over a million assets to the new environment.

When suddenly faced a with requirement to host all their images and videos in a Cortex environment as well as migrate on a tight deadline, our customer needed a last-minute, but complete, solution. With Fishbowl’s migration tool and a quick implementation, we were able to finish migrating content for them on time and on budget. If you need to migrate content from Oracle WebCenter, reach out to us and see how we can help. Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and proprietary software to make your next migration project simple and straightforward. Contact us using the form below or at info@fishbowlsolutions.com.