Are you collecting real-time voice surveys? If you aren’t, then you aren’t quickly capturing fresh customer feedback at the moment of contact – to understand the gap between intended and actual customer experiences. By providing immediate insights through voice surveys, companies can address issues promptly, improve customer service, agent training, and overall contact center efficiency. You will gain valuable insights and enhance the customer experience to boost loyalty and satisfaction, all while achieving a high Return On Investment (ROI).

Driving Customer Conversations with ODA Voice

Fishbowl Solutions has implemented the revolutionary Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) Voice feature, a cutting-edge solution powered by ODA, at a large US-based office supply customer. ODA Voice is designed to transform how businesses engage with customers. ODA uses the voice channel to interact with contacts by allowing users to engage in natural language conversations via spoken interactions. Fishbowl and ODA together are live using real-time voice surveys at the end of a live agent voice call to ask numerical, yes-no and open-ended questions to collect Net Promoter Score and Customer Experience information. This company has seen a significant increase in Net Promoter Scores and a notable improvement in return rates compared to post-call email surveys.

Oracle Digital Assistant Logo

Real World Expertise

Fishbowl Solutions has a comprehensive expertise in digital assistant services, specifically in Oracle Digital Assistants (ODA), We are recognized as Oracle’s Preferred Digital Assistant Partner and have been working with ODA since its inception in 2017. Fishbowl Solutions boasts the largest team of certified ODA consultants globally, offering services in Conversational Design, Mobile Applications, Content Management, and User Experience.

With Fishbowl Solutions as your partner, you can unlock the power of multi-channel digital interactions, revolutionizing how you connect with customers, partners, and employees. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards unparalleled customer experience and unparalleled success.