Fishbowl team finding time to strategize how we can deliver the best solutions to our customers is always our top priority.

There was a lot to learn at Oracle CloudWorld (OCW) this year and each member of our team was active in engaging with potential customers and delivering Fishbowl value. We understand listening to our customers is essential to our success, and Continuous Learning is a core value at Fishbowl. At OCW, we gained valuable insights around the success and future roadmaps of Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) and Oracle Content Management (OCM).

ODA Integrations

As co-sponsors of a Customer Summit (formerly the Customer Advisory Board) session, we kicked off OCW with a presentation from Fishbowl President, Tim Gruidl, on Oracle Digital Assistant. Following Tim’s presentation was Suhas Uliyar, the VP of ODA and OIC at Oracle. Suhas shared highlights on the growth of ODA, the focus on future advanced integrations with Oracle SaaS applications and the evolution to an automated Contact Center.

ODA’s New Capabilities

We also gained valuable insights from Oracle’s Product Management team regarding ODA’s roadmap including enhancements to the SDK, enabling customers to build components in OJET, React, Angular, etc. and drop them into the ODA chatbot interface. They highlighted both the Avatar capability, as a way to improve conversational flow, as well as the Visual Flow Designer capability. Visual Flow Designer enables the building of conversations with a Visio-like interface, eliminating the need to use YAML. Before we know it YAML coding will be a thing of the past.

OIC’s Integration with Oracle SaaS

The third and final key takeaway is centered around Oracle’s Integration Cloud (OIC). While attending learning exhibitions, we learned about the latest updates to Oracle Integration Cloud. OIC has grown dramatically in 2022 with a significant amount of growth coming from customers integrating Oracle SaaS with other solutions. The pre-build adapters have dramatically reduced the amount of custom consulting and the time to market for implementation.

With over 15,000 attendees and over 200 booths, large demonstration areas and even a live broadcast booth, this was a very successful way to jump back into trade shows after the pandemic. Between the Keynote presentations and steady traffic to our booth during the day, and the dinners and afterparties in the evenings, we were able to gain countless connections and valuable insights on how to better serve our customers.