It appears Oracle has finally gotten around to inserting their Secure Enterprise Search capabilities into their Enterprise Content Management stack.  According to this Oracle blog post by Oracle Product Manager Stephen Schleifer, SES is now allowed to be installed along side ECM in a restricted use format.

This is a bit underwhelming.  Oracle has some really great indexing and search technology with their 11g Database full text indexing capabilities.  While SES takes advantage of some of these capabilities, it leaves others buried (or “subject to configuration”).  Furthermore, the way the brief article reads, there is no UX integration, only the ability for SES to point to the content stores and index them.  It is likely that you’re still heading out to a different URL to consume those results.  We’ll know more in May during the next customer webcast.

It would be nice to see a side by side comparison of how SES stacks up against pure DB full text indexing and Google Search Appliance Integration.

Still, the restricted use license does provide a nice impetus for Red organizations to consolidate their enterprise information in Oracle ECM.