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Mindbreeze releases approximately 6-10 updates of various magnitudes each year with one or two updates being a major release. At Fishbowl, we do our best to keep our development appliance on the latest build available, so we know what to expect when our clients update their Mindbreeze appliances.

Keeping your Mindbreeze appliance up to date is easy and highly recommended by Mindbreeze and Fishbowl Solutions. Usually, a single major release upgrade will result in dozens of bug fixes and security patches. You can download the latest update from Mindbreeze’s updates page. Before applying the patch, it is important to complete these two steps first.

First, take all necessary backups of the system. Mindbreeze outlines what to backup in the backup documentation on their website.

Second, if you have automated synchronization of indices and/or configuration files between appliances, those must be disabled while the versions are different between appliances. Usually this is either commenting out the cron job task or if you are on a new enough version, disabling it through the UI.

Once you are ready to start patching your system, upload the patch and begin. You will see the progress of the patch as it is installed. If you selected the option to have the appliance reboot after patching, then the system will be offline for approximately 15-20 minutes while the appliance restarts. Once the management center comes back online it will still take a while for the other services to fully start so you may see sporadic behavior until that happens. If you look at the ‘Services’ page within the appliance it will tell you which services have started, and which haven’t yet.

After the patch has been applied and all services are back up and running, take a moment to ensure that everything is still working as you want and explore the new enhancements to the system. If you notice anything not working quite right, reach out to Fishbowl for assistance with the issues.