Recently, our Mindbreeze production appliance was set to expire so we needed to migrate the search functionality of our systems to our new Mindbreeze appliance. Migrating to a new appliance is a great time to cleanup your current configuration, indices, and customizations. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for migrating to a new appliance because people have configured their appliances for their specific enterprise needs. For that reason, we have created this article of things to consider when migrating to a new appliance.

Note: Before migrating to your new appliance you should complete the network configuration, install the latest update, and install your certificate.

1. Export/Import of Services – Using the export/import functionality for each service, migrating them in this order keeps all their relationships intact.

a. Filter
b. Principal Cache
c. Index
d. Data Source
e. Client Service

2. Search Experience Files and Global Index Settings 

a. The search experience files can be migrated using the File Manager. Once located under /data/resources, you can select them, zip them, and download them. 
b. There is no export/import button for the Global Index Settings, so this configuration needs to be migrated manually. 

3. Search Apps 

a. The search apps can also be migrated using the File Manager. 

At this point, the majority of your search functionality should be migrated to the new appliance. To complete the migration, migrate the configuration specific to your solution. 

      4. Additional items to consider when migrating:

• app.telemetry configuration
• Alerts
• Feedback
• Reports
• Custom plugins
• Talend jobs

Once everything has been migrated over to the new appliance, test that everything is working properly and then connect it in place of the old Mindbreeze appliance. We were able to follow these steps ourselves and have now crossed this task off our to-do list.