In October, Fishbowl Solutions was named Mindbreeze’s Integration Partner of the Year. To learn more about our partnership with Mindbreeze, I sat down with two of our in-house experts: Associate Software Consultant Jeremy Hericks and Enterprise Support Engineer John Lundgren.

Enterprise search is important to Fishbowl, not only because we’re a Mindbreeze partner, but because we also utilize enterprise search to find content within our own databases and websites. We have thousands of documents and dozens more being checked in each day. Even as a 30-some person company, using search to find this content is a must. Yes, we drink our own champagne.

Fishbowl Solutions Award for Mindbreeze Partner of the Year 2020

Let’s dive in. In your own words, why is enterprise search important for business?

Jeremy: The ROI (return on investment) of time saved when you’re not spending hours each day looking for documents and content you know exists allows for more productivity.

John: [Enterprise search] gives you a one stop place to search your website, internal repositories, other websites, you file system, etc. all in one place instead of having to go to each…it saves time for everyone involved and makes it easier to manage.

So now we understand why enterprise search is key for productivity and finding content. Why did Fishbowl partner with Mindbreeze?

Jeremy: We had a bunch of clients that relied on enterprise search asking us what to do next after Google Search Appliance (GSA) was discontinued. Our enterprise search team spent months researching, and finally decided on Mindbreeze. From there, we recommended it to our clients, and they’ve been using it ever since.

The enterprise search team must have found Mindbreeze to be unique as a solution. Can you tell me more about how Mindbreeze stands apart from other search appliances?

Jeremy: Mindbreeze is unique as an enterprise search solution because of their relevancy model. Mindbreeze has a highly diversified dynamic relevance model. The individual weighting factors that lead to the relevance score are traced on every result item. This allows the administrator to measure and then to methodically improve the relevance model.

John: Mindbreeze offers a lot of very granular control over those relevancies as well. You can get down to document-specific types of boosting. In other repositories, that’s not even an option. The Mindbreeze appliance contains everything businesses look for when considering an enterprise search appliance. It is very out-of-the-box, ready-to-go solution that also gives you those really fine level configurations that can be made to work specifically for your company. You don’t need another server like a middle-man server to talk to the repository and search appliance. With Mindbreeze, everything you need is on the appliance and it’s a straight connection between the two. Many of their connectors are the same way.

Jeremy: It sees the connections between the data from your different systems. It doesn’t just work to find the data.

This sounds a bit complicated. What does the initial set up look like?

John: Mindbreeze does have a steep learning curve. It’s more of a straight line. Many of the questions we see [from customers] are ‘Can we do this?’ or ‘How is this possible?’ so if our team doesn’t know the answer, we reach out to Mindbreeze directly. Thankfully, Mindbreeze is incredibly helpful with their assistance. Our main contact, Tomas, is knowledgeable about all things Mindbreeze. Their team will jump on calls with our customers and are always helpful whenever we reach out to them.

Whoa, that learning curve is intense. How do we help customers with that?

Jeremy: We have the most Mindbreeze certified experts in North America and we also have countless Mindbreeze implementations. We’ve done formal training through Mindbreeze and on-the-job. Right now, we have nine people certified to handle implementations through Mindbreeze.

With this level of certification and experience, Fishbowl is ready and able to help with whatever a company may need when looking to implement or improve their enterprise search experience. We’re honored to have been named Mindbreeze Integration Partner of the Year for 2020 and look forward to only strengthening our partnership further.

As a Mindbreeze partner, we work hard to make this process as simple as possible for our customers, offering options like Jumpstart to ease their way into Mindbreeze’s enterprise search appliance, Inspire.

If enterprise search is a solution for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more or see a demonstration. Our team can be reached at 952-465-3400 or