At Fishbowl Solutions, we approach continuous learning and intellectual agility as two of our core values. As an Oracle Gold partner, we consider it of utmost importance to maintain and exceed training certifications to let our customers know we can tackle their problems and implement the right solution. Today, we’re announcing that eight of our team members have been awarded Oracle’s latest cloud certifications. These certifications confirm Fishbowl’s commitment to understanding the Oracle Cloud and providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise to our Oracle customers.

Nine Fishbowl Solutions employees stand against a blue wall holding their Oracle Cloud certifications
Back row (left to right): John Lundgren, Ben Evjen, Scott Wall, Jason Zolczynski
Front row: Tim Gruidl, Andy Weaver, Nathan Scharber, Brent Genereux, Trevor Pilgrim

Of the ten certifications awarded, four Fishbowl employees completed the Oracle Cloud Platform 2021 Content and Experience Specialist certification. These four include Ben Evjen, Senior Software Consultant and Portal Pillar Lead; Andy Weaver, Principal Architect; Brent Genereux, Senior Software Consultant; and Nathan Scharber, Software Consultant II. Why choose to obtain this certification? In Nathan’s words, “I want our past, present and future clients to know Fishbowl Solutions is both capable and recognized as a leader in implementing Oracle’s Content Management platform at all levels of complexity.”

Jason Zolczynski, Fishbowl’s Director of Services, completed the Oracle Cloud Project Management Assessment. As the person tasked with overseeing all on-going Fishbowl projects Jason said, “There are some great details covered in the certification regarding Oracle SaaS/PaaS/IaaS dependencies that can affect our project life cycle. Leveraging that information in project planning and identifying key dependences will be helpful on our projects.”

Additional certifications were awarded to John Lundgren, Senior Enterprise Support Engineer, and Trevor Pilgrim, Associate Software Consultant. They both completed the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021 Associate certification and John went above and beyond to also pass the Oracle Cloud Support Specialist Assessment. As Fishbowl’s Senior Enterprise Support Engineer, John focused his training on how he will help customers with their environments now and in the future. “There was a lot of information to absorb. It [the training] gives you a new respect to customers that have a fully deployed environment within the cloud as you definitely need to know what everything is, how it works, and what it does or doesn’t allow you to do. The certification definitely makes sure you know your stuff.”

Two of the ten certificates were obtained by Scott Wall, Software Consultant and Bot Pillar Lead and Andy Weaver, Principal Architect. Both are now Oracle Digital Assistant Platform 2022 Solution Engineer Specialists. According to Oracle, Scott was one of the first four people in the globe to complete this certification. “I got this certification to instill trust in all customers and prospective customers that I know what I’m talking about. Having an Oracle certification provides a level of authority that many customers have come to expect in Oracle partners such as ourselves.”

All the Fishbowl employees that completed the certifications are members of Fishbowl’s software consulting and support teams responsible for implementing, configuring, and providing top-notch solutions involving the Oracle Cloud to Fishbowl customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Fishbowl Solutions can assist you on your next Oracle Cloud project, please contact us at or fill out the ‘contact us’ form at the bottom of this webpage. For more information on projects Fishbowl Solutions has completed, handy how-to guides, and more, see our website’s blog for articles written by our in-house staff.