Enhanced Index Management and flexible Single Sign-On Capabilities

Five years ago, we launched our WebCenter Content Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire. This product allows companies using WebCenter Content for content management to securely index and search their documents with the Mindbreeze InSpire enterprise search appliance. Search has been a common pain point for WebCenter Content users, and the Connector enables businesses to utilize Mindbreeze’s machine-learning relevancy algorithms to help users find what they’re looking for faster. In addition, customers can leverage the Mindbreeze Search App Designer to create modern search apps and embed them directly in WebCenter Content.

This month, we released version 4.0 of the WebCenter Content Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire. This version further improves the Connector by enabling configuration options for single sign-on authentication and improving the management of indices within WebCenter.


Improved Index Management

In version 4.0 of the Connector, we’ve totally overhauled the Manage Indices page within WebCenter Content to make index management much simpler. An Overview page is displayed front and center, displaying the most important information about the index, including newly added timing information when performing a full re-index. While a re-index is in progress, this also includes the estimated time remaining until the re-index is complete. Viewing and managing the content in each index status has also been improved, with the ability to re-index selected items in bulk and validate individual content items. Finally, the Index Management page contains actions such as triggering a full re-index and deleting the index.

Single Sign-On Authentication

 Mindbreeze can be configured to use your company’s Single Sign-On (SSO) provider for authentication while searching. Version 4.0 of the WebCenter Content Connector provides additional options to configure the user IDs used to synchronize permissions between Mindbreeze and WebCenter. By default, the user IDs are assigned to the username of each WebCenter user, but if your SSO provider uses something different for user IDs, such as the email address, you can now configure the Connector to assign user IDs using a different user metadata field to match the SSO provider.

Version 4.0 contains these new features as well as other enhancements and bug fixes. Contact Fishbowl Solutions support at support@fishbowlsolutions.com if you’d like to upgrade your copy of the WebCenter Content Connector for Mindbreeze InSpire. If you’d like to learn more about this product, please contact us at info@fishbowlsolutions.com or 952-465-3400.