Discover how automating North Carolina’s security request process significantly improved their accuracy, efficiency and reduced human error. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of leveraging Oracle SaaS HCM and how Fishbowl Solutions streamlined the security request process through automation.

The previous security request process presented challenges regarding the manual, error-prone workflow when requesting new roles for North Carolina Financial System employees. Managers needed help understanding the access they requested from their employees and what additional requirements were needed for each role. Additionally, employee training checks required a manual looked up by the security admin through their LMS system.

Business Requirements:

To address the challenges listed above, the following business requirements were identified:

    • Implement an electronic form with restricted security access
    • Establish an agency employee workflow
    • Enable copy requests and multi-role submissions
    • Validate training and flag missing classes
    • Handle Segregation of Duties (SOD) conflicts
    • Automate additional role-dependent fields
    • Enable search and filter functionality for in-progress and historical requests.

Fishbowl Solutions leveraged the Oracle Visual Builder (VBCS) as a stand-alone instance to create a request dashboard and dynamic role-based form to automate the previously manual workflow. VBCS is a cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) used to develop custom user interfaces to solve enterprise-wide problems. 

Benefits of VBCS:

    • Decreased Development Time
    • Library of Pre-Installed JET Components
    • Drag and Drop, Low Code Environment
    • Component Configuration options
    • Rest Service Connections
    • Built-In DB store through Business Objects
    • Action chains for accomplishing a hierarchy of event tasks

By automating the security request process and extending HCM SaaS, Fishbowl Solutions offers numerous benefits, including saving managers time, improved request control, and reduced previous manual errors. By leveraging VBCS as an extension of an Oracle SaaS application, businesses can enhance security management and streamline workflows.

This is one example of how VBCS can solve enterprise-wise problems that come from gaps in existing software or outdated processes. To learn more about how Fishbowl Solutions can help you Extend Oracle SaaS with VBCS, fill out the contact form below. 

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