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Introducing Fishbowl’s XML Feed Connector for Google Cloud Search

Last November, Google released Cloud Search with third-party connectivity. While not a direct replacement for the Google Search Appliance (GSA), Google Cloud Search is Google’s next-generation search platform and is an excellent option for many existing GSA customers whose appliances are nearing (or past) their expiration. Fishbowl is aiming to make the transition for GSA customers even easier with our new XML Feed Connector for Google Cloud Search…

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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Version 7.4 Released

Wanted to drop a quick note here that Google released the latest version of the Google Search Appliance software last week. That brings the most current version up to 7.4.0.G.72 and officially end of life's the 7.0 version of the appliance software. New features from...

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Oracle Adds SES to ECM

It appears Oracle has finally gotten around to inserting their Secure Enterprise Search capabilities into their Enterprise Content Management stack.  According to this Oracle blog post by Oracle Product Manager Stephen Schleifer, SES is now allowed to be installed...

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